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Love is Patient, Love is Kind!
Sheila Marie Jones, 18! Louisiana native. Currently living in California! Draw, Sing, Act, Cook you name it. Youngest of 3! Proud Mommy to Empress Michele Jasmine Jones :)
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beautiful sis

Thanks Sis!

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Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: Okay sis
Sheila: I love you Sis, everything will be fine ok!
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: Yea.. if he will even talk to me. Sis I called you because I was scared something bad is going to happen. I just haven't felt like this since everything happened with Marley. I just feel so alone.You are grown sis, Sam doesn't seem to get that. It is your life and he is going to just have to deal with the fact that you are getting married. He should know by now how us Jones women work.
Sheila: Talk to him Sis. Even if he doesn't want to make him listen.
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: I know in my heart that he doesn't mean it but I didn't want to push him and wanted to give him the space to figure it out on his own. You know that he is too talented to not be an artist. He won't even listen to me, I tried talking to him he shut me down and slammed a door in my face. I feel so alone sis, I haven't felt this day since I lost the baby. I had hoped that Sam and I were in a good place but I don't know anymore. Um. well lets just say we have been fighting over a lot of different things.
Sheila: (shakes head again) You two need to talk. Face to face, one on one. As adults and not kids. A serious conversation. (bites lip)I'm sorry I should've known it was about me too....don't worry about me Sis. Sam...he's trying to protect me in a way. He's just being a big brother.
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: He is insisting that art isn't for him but I know he is lying. I didn't want to push him though, I wanted to give him space to figure out what comes next. I effed up pretty bad with that didn't I sis?
Sheila: No way he thinks that seriousy. Yea...I mean you and Empress have become his whole and entire World. He lives and breathes you two now. He's become this big soft loving caring and understanding guy verses before you two got married. I doubt he feels comfortable with you doing all the work for the household. And you should talk to him about it. About work, you guys, and his whole issue with me and Simba. By the way I hope you guys haven't been fighting about us too.
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: I told him that I am trying to bring home the bacon so that he can take some time to figure out what he wants to do and he got offended. He went back to his dad's office, you know how much hates that place.
Sheila: Well guys get offended by that Sis. Men feel like they should have everything set and in place for their families and that they should be the ones taking care of us. Not the other way around. He did? What happened to the art classes?
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: She is fine it is just a 24 hour bug. He said that I was lazy and all I do is nap. I am pregnant for god's sake! I am trying to finish this album while balancing everything else. Is he right am a horrible mother for trying to provide for my family?
Sheila: Good. Lazy? Because you take naps? That's what pegnant women do Mercedes. No your not a horrible Mom. Your a super-mom. Balancing the spotlight, marriage, kids, and everything else is a lot. Your a great Mom (sighs shaking her head)
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: Everything.. Empress got sick and me and Sam fought.. He thinks I am an unfit mother Sheil.
Sheila: Is she ok? Fought why Sis? Over her being sick? How on earth does he think your unfit? Did he say that?
Call - Mercedes
Mercedes: (sniffles picking up the phone) H-hey Sis
Sheila: Hey...what's wrong?
Call - Mercedes
Sheila: (dials)
Thank Goodness.

I think this is my first week off since I moved here. I can’t wait to soak up in it. Simba’s next shoot is in 2 weeks so we will finally be home together and not just catching each other whenever. We are going to sight see and learn more about France. This shall be fun!